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MAINS : Subjects

CRACKIAS is availing the notes of IAS Toppers for the following Optionals. Here Geography, History and Public Administration Notes fetched 370+ score each while Sociology notes scored more than 350. These notes contain a good no. of diagrams, maps and flowcharts etc. to add value to your answers. Maps questions for Optionals like Geography and History (with significant aspects of places covered) will also be covered in a comprehensive manner.

Also the notes here are basically Mains Exam oriented, presented in a concise and a precise manner after an analysis of past 25 years' Question Papers and future trends (which is basically the Toppers' strategy for Mains). A comprehensive strategy for Mains for each Optional will also be sent alongwith the Notes. Elaboration wherever needed, would be provided in the notes. At times, you may be needed to look at the most basic books like NCERTs (mentioned in notes wherever required to do so). This is true for General Studies as well.


Gaurav Uppal, IAS (AIR-3/ 2004)
Raghuraj Rajendran, IAS (AIR-25/2003)
Ankaj Sharma, IPS/2004
Aruna Rajoria IAS, (CSE 2003)
Pradyumna P.S. IAS (CSE 2003)
Tarundeep Kaur IRS (CSE 2006)
Anupama Singla (IRS/2006)
Amit Singla (ICES/2006)
Strategy of IAS Officers for

We blasted again. 100% Qs of optionals and more than 90% in GS(M) 2008 were directly from our Notes.

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